Marq with a Q

So lately I’ve been writing about my failed attempts at find love and all my epi fails
enters Marq yep Marq with a Q, I know it sounds so sexy let me say it again Marq with a Q.


(Back story….my favorite time)

Marq and I met on Instagram around three years ago… sound like an intro to MTV’s Catfish, lol I love the show, ok let’s go on, he slid a message into my DM some cheesy line, I forgot what is was but it was gorgonzola cheesy, within a few days we exchanged numbers and started texting and calling each other, for some strange reason we had a fall and stopped communicating (Totally Catfish).

Image result for mtv catfish


Marq and I always seem to gravitate towards each other, he responds to my texts within seconds and always knows how to cheer me up or calm me down and we can spend hours on the phone talking about well everything, he is not the sharpest tool in the box but I find that really cute and adorable  you know explaining sarcasm and  how he always complains about me using big words … cute.

Image result for texting

But there is always a  BUT
Marq is seeing someone else, but has hinted on more than one occasion that he would like to take things further with me buuuut  he is not willing or about to leave the person he is with for me . soo  I’m super skeptical  about that, so for now I like what we have this cute flirty, texty, cally thing we have going on so until he decides to leave his girlfriend  it will remain as that …..Marq with a Q

Image result for boyfriend and boyfriend sunset


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