Dating Gay In A Small Town Again

Yep I am doing it again, which kind of makes me feel like a fool, you know: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Well at least one thing I’ve been doing differently is being dropped back home by the end of the night…wait is that even a good thing? , Being dropped off at home at the end of the evening? It’s a good thing right? …..Right?
In my perilous search for Mr. Right, I thought I found him yet again, yet again,  A tall good looking Zulu guy’s guy and thought hey, let me make the first move and send a sexy text after a night of flirting and hugging and in all honestly I thought I had it in the bag (delusional)
It took him an entire week to respond to my text  and all I got was a
“sorry I was busy and I don’t know hey”
So I figure ‘I don’t know’ is the new ‘letting you down easy’?
I felt like an utter complete fool yet again  ,  my lousy luck and timing got the better of me again and with my luck, yep my rotten luck in men, he will be Creme dela Creme of Louis Trichardt Plonkers. Oh gosh please do not give me a Plonker ( Wishful Thinking)


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