Butterflies in Kaleidoscope and Sweetness of Love


A few days ago I went on a date ….Yeay… A date with an actual person, like an actual person actually finds me interesting.

He is a Horticulturist and I’m a huge fan of Botany especially flowering poisonous plants and carnivorous plants (lol call me Poison Ivy)

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Our whole discussion was on the different types of natural toxins such tetrodotoxin, Batrachotoxin (BTX) and Botulinum toxin which are by far some of the deadliest toxins  found in some of the most beautiful plants and creatures Like my favourite  The Deadly Night Shade

.Image result for deadly nightshade
(Back to the date)

So this is how it went down …….  We have been texting on social media for a while and decided hey what the heck lets meet up for lunch (lunch for me was a free beer and well more free beer and picking food off his plate like I have the worst date manners)
He came there looking all semi-formal and dapper he was not the most handsome of men  but he had this smile that took you away , and there I was with my oversized baggy T-shirt, torn jeans and dirty sneakers I even forgot that I had a date like really it has been that dry.  He introduced himself as, let us call him Mr. Freeze …..Get it ….Mr. Freeze …Batman and Robin …..Uma Thurman. Ok, ok back to the date

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He was such a gentlemen and complimented me on my clothes oh such flattery normally I get a You could have dressed better or an oh you look nice, but he went all out showered me with lovely compliments had me blushing and smile from ear to ear no one has ever made me smile that much, I felt like a little school girl on her first date .

He found me interesting,  like he  found it really interesting that I knew so much about plants and herbs and  ecotoxicology, he even gave me ring after  the date to tell me what a great time he had  and that I was by far the most peculiar and fun person he had ever  met, even  asked when will he see me again (oh my bad date manners , he ordered a pizza so yeah he didn’t mind me picking of his plate and to make things even better he is a beer guy like same brand and all) so who knows  soon there might a Return of Batman and Robin Movie ….get it ….Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze…


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