Captain Mr Super Gay

You get those moment when your straight male friends realise that  you are actually more masculine then they are and your an actual baddass :I can see the comic book title “The Chronicles of Gaylantia – When Mr Princess becomes  The Terminator”, when you pull that epic transformation from Hannah Montana to Xena.

like what bitches I got this !!!

A while ago, I went camping with a few friends, we decided to leave all the modern world luxuries behind and you know “Experience The Wilderness”

I grew up on a farm, spent most of my early and teen years learning how to make a fire, which wood works best for which situation, how to hunt and flay small prey, which herb does what, how to set up a tent and what to carry when you go out, Yep my Stepdad was one of those extreme survival freak.

Upon arriving at the camp site
we have to set up our tents (Mind you I was the only one there who actually knew how to set up a tent) , The most muscular of the guys volunteers to show us how it actually done….. (you know that face straight guys pull when they realise that its not as easy as they thought it would be), and he lets out that classic line “ah, this sh*t is broken, it does not work!”, In steps in “My gay buddy” as they often refer to me as, I pulled the doohicky yanked the thingamajig and stepped on the whatchamacallit and hey presto the tent was up, to his dismay his fellow compadare laughed at him a “Yeah its broken” broke out of the laughter and they laughed harder one of the guys even fell to the ground laughing, I felt so bad i comforted him with a ” I just read the instructions” …..not.

Soon we had settled and it was getting dark, and one of the girls asked “who brought the fire stuff?”, her boyfriend jumped up and proclaimed that he did and that he could start a fire, well he tried to light the fire, emphasis on ‘tried’, soon enough the entire squad joined in but to no avail. As if mr muscle knew, he turned and looked at me “Eh, do you know how to do this?”, and I sprung into action, piled up the wood camp fire style, gave the matches a quick strike and what do you know we had fire, typical boy stared at me as the girls cheered on.

The weekend was epic we had so much fun because I packed in the electric extension cable, the wind up lamp, a pocket knife , rope and a solar mobile power back, I swear the boys have never shown me such respect , like ever.

On our way back we had a flat tyre, lmfao none of the guys knew how to change a flat tyre, fortunately I was there, jacked up the car and with a quick spin here and there the tyre was changed, and I won playlist rites and yes they listened to Rihanna and Lady Gaga for the entire trip back, much to the girls pleasure and delight.

gaga ra-ma-ma

We finally got home yeay!! and as I step out of the car, one of the guy grabs my bum gives it a squeeze and yells out ” You sexy thang!” and grabs his penis and goes ” oh baby, baby baby come get it” (my male friends are extremely sexually indecent with me, if its not dry humping me on the dance floor  its  them dropping their towels and waving their penisis in my face typical guy shenanigans) They all laughed as they drove off, and I was like well there goes all the respect they gave me, at least they know to mess with CAPTAIN MR SUPER GAY

wonder woman


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