Dating Gay in a Small Town

The quaint little town of Louis Trichardt is set in a back drop of some of the most majestic mountain ranges, and with such beauty one might expect to find love or something like that, I have always wanted to use that line ever since I saw that cheesy 90’s movie Empire Records, which by the way is one of my all time favourite movies.

Okay back to the small town and dating shenanigans.

I’ve been on multiple dating sites trying to find Mr Right, been on a few dates and it’s always the same routine beers, sex ,regret and the walk of shame in the wee hours of the morning; wait 6:00 am is still considered as early right, right? (sigh).

At some point I even thought I met the right guy, you know the smart, good-looking, stylish,well-mannered and oh my gosh did he not smell amazing like I wanna marry you amazing but……… there always is a but………he was MARRIED with two kids. He was the perfect gentleman and always came to my aid if ever I needed anything, but I could not compete with the biological urge to procreate; In his words “If I could I’d knock you up and give you beautiful babies” and that is when I ran for the hills (I’m not ready to be or play mommy).

Then there was Thugnificent, the local infamous Bad Boy lets say that ended in a drunken haze, that and being chased by his drag queen like girlfriend (I’m talking about RuPaul Drag Race Queen) with a broken bottle screaming “I will cut that pretty face of your” ( I am never returning to that pub ever again).

Then there was the Church Boy oh my that pretty, pretty church boy, well that ended in the most awkward way, I was dumped via a Whats App text message reading

” you are the most nicest, caring person
I have ever met but I cant do this anymore
It is against my beliefs and i feel guilty “

The Nerve!
For once I was gutted but i moved on and still moving on.

I wonder what kind of crazy character I ‘ll meet next ?  and with my luck, yep my rotten luck in men, he will be Creme dela Creme of Louis Trichardt Plonkers.



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